Our Skills First Approach

A degree shouldn't be the barrier between you and your dream job!

Our Skills First approach aims to provide individuals without four-year degrees access to family sustaining job opportunities that might not be available through traditional recruiting means. Apprentices receive a combination of formal training, on-the-job learning, and mentoring in a key functional area to be equipped to compete for a full-time position after successful completion of the apprenticeship.

What the Skills First Approach Offers

Image for Lilly Craft Apprenticeship Program of an individual welding

A Path for Every Passion

CRAFT Apprenticeship Program Are you looking for a great career opportunity that allows you to earn full-time wages while working toward a Journeyworker’s Apprenticeship Certification in one of the highest demand job areas in the nation — skilled trades?

Get in on the ground floor with Lilly through a nationally registered Department of Labor
Apprenticeship Program available to recent high school graduates, skilled trades vocational  students and people looking for a new career with great potential for the future.
Technical Pathways Program  This is a 24-month (fixed duration employee) program for individuals without a 4-year degree; participants will receive a combination of formal/informal training, on-the-job learning, and mentoring in an  evolving technology area.

There are pathway opportunities available in various IT areas: data operations, service management, analytics, automation, and beyond. 
Professional Apprenticeship Program This is a 13-month (fixed duration employee) program for individuals without a 4-year degree; participants receive a combination of formal/informal training, onthe-job learning, and mentoring in key functional areas.

There are apprenticeship opportunities available in various functions: Human Resources (HR), Marketing, Research and Development, and beyond.