Manufacturing & Quality / Engineering

Global Manufacturing & Quality

From molecule to market, Global Manufacturing & Quality employees play an important role in every step along a product's lifecycle. Though most of our cusotmers never see the scientific and technical resources behind our medicines produced at 14 sites in nine countries, they do experience the performance of our high-quality products and global supply network.

Most importantly, we strive to ensure that all Lilly products are produced to the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable regulations, and are always available when needed. 

Our leadership programs

Engineering Using fundamental engineering principles to deliver, maintain and continuously improve our state-of-the art facilities, equipment and manufacturing processes needed to carry out our corporate mission safely and sustainably. 

Areas of Engineering:
  • Indianapolis Facilities Management 
  • Global Facilities Delivery
  • Global Packaging and Robotics
  • Global Health, Safety & Environment
Manufacturing Information & Control Systems
Providing information solutions and services that affect business outcomes and connect people to people and information in a manner that is reliable, productive and on-demand.
Technical Services/ Manufacturing Science
Controlling production processes involving rigid specification of ingredients, equipment, facilities, manufacturing methods, packaging materials and labeling.
Quality Assuring consistent delivery of high-quality products and accurate information to meet rigorous internal and external standards.