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Undergrad Business Functions

Lilly’s undergraduate business opportunities allow students majoring in a variety of disciplines to find their niche. Whether you enjoy analyzing financials, developing marketing messages, or supporting other employees, your impact will contribute to making life better for patients around the world. Explore career opportunities by selecting your area of interest below.

Undergrad Business Functions careers at Eli Lilly and Company


As a Lilly Finance hire, you won’t just be a number-cruncher. You will help drive business decisions for a global Fortune 125 company with opportunities to work in a variety of business functions matching your skills, interests and experience. With a number of molecules in development, top talent with financial expertise and business insight is essential to providing a competitive advantage for Lilly, allowing us to serve the patients who need our medications the most.

Past intern projects have included:

  • Lilly Diabetes assignment in which the intern was responsible for...
  • Tracking investment progress
  • Informing the finance team on investment decisions

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly with many interns receiving full-time offers. As you begin your full-time position as a finance analyst, the Lilly Initial Financial Experience (“LIFE”) program provides opportunities to deepen your knowledge about the company and Lilly Finance, as well as opportunities to take part in social activities and professional development with other new finance recruits.

Finance Lilly

Employee Profile: Finance

Leslie Fuqua works with the contract development group, where she values working on new projects that help her to build new skill sets.

Human Resources

As a Lilly HR hire, you will play a vital role in the future of the company by working with business leaders to help develop the appropriate HR strategy, ranging from assisting with workforce planning and operations, to capability development and talent management – all aimed to make lives better for people around the world by bringing life changing medicines to market.

Past intern projects have included:

  • Creating a virtual campus recruiting plan
  • Improving an interview/application review process
  • Leadership Development
  • Developing an employee training program

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly, with many interns receiving full-time offers. As a full-time hire, Lilly is committed to your development. The HR READY program provides new hires with a comprehensive three-year experience, where you will be challenged to develop expertise within a variety of functions and organizations via multiple rotations, each lasting 9-12 months.

Human Resources Lilly

Employee Profile: Human Resources

Since joining Lilly's Human Resources team, Catherine O'Donnell has been able to explore how the field of HR is changing via a three-year rotational and mentorship program at Lilly's corporate headquarters.


As an IT recruit, you will be a valued strategic team member across all functional areas at Lilly as you help solve real business problems and play a role in critical projects by providing innovative technology solutions. In your role, you will be empowered to drive technology work streams for major company initiatives, including, but not limited to developing technology solutions that make it easier for patients to start, stay on, and be supported by Lilly medicines.

Through our 10-week internship, interns are given projects that solve real business problems, with a focus on developing strategies and messages that resonate with “payer” entities such as insurance companies, pharmacies and government bodies who pay for or restrict access to medications for patients and educating payers on the value of Lilly products.

Past intern projects have included:

  • Advising on technology solutions to improve Lilly’s sales force capabilities
  • Building tools to view and analyze large amounts of data and enhance analytics
  • Evaluating existing data repositories

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly, with many interns receiving full-time offers. As a full-time IT hire, the Eli Lilly Information Technology Experience (“ELITE”) program exposes you to both professional development and mentoring opportunities. You will have the opportunity to propose and develop new, innovative technology solutions, contribute to the development of new therapies, and advance business strategy with transformative technology.

Human Resources Lilly

Employee Profile: IT

Evan Pyle discusses building an app to help patients remember to take their medicine.

Market Access, Strategy And Analytics

As a new recruit into Lilly’s Market Access, Strategy and Analytics space, you will play a critical role in helping patients achieve access to medications across the world. With today’s rapidly evolving health care system, more importance than ever is being placed on the entities that provide or restrict access to Lilly. These decision-makers have the potential to make a critical impact on patient care, and it’s up to you to communicate the value of Lilly medications to these entities so products can be available to those who need them.

Past internship assignments have included:

  • Leading strategy recommendations to help patients manage costs of medications
  • Assessing opportunities and challenges in developing new drug indications
  • Developing an internal video about entities that regulate access to drugs for patients

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly, with many interns receiving full-time offers. As a full-time hire, you will have the opportunity to explore opportunities within the areas of Payer Marketing, Business Analytics, or Key Account Management, with opportunities to work in the U.S. affiliate or on a global team working with affiliates around the world. During your first 18 months at Lilly, you will take part in a variety of experiences including area-specific orientations, lunch-and-learn sessions to improve your understanding of the healthcare environment and the organization, mentorship meetings, and social activities structured around community service, exploring Indianapolis, and celebrating career milestones.

Market Access, Strategy And Analytics Lilly

Employee Profile: Payer Strategy and Analytics

Managed Healthcare Services team member Ian Schoup values the diversity of colleagues and projects in his role. Ian joined the Early Career Professionals employee resource group, which helped him get involved in events both at Lilly and within the Indianapolis community.


As a Lilly Marketing recruit, you will drive marketing business strategies and communicate the value of life-changing medications to a variety of customers in 120 countries. With the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, Lilly will need creative marketers to help deliver innovative strategies that change lives.

Past intern projects have included:

  • Delivering a digital landscape overview of the autoimmune disease space with recommendations for channel execution
  • Trend analysis on key disease focus areas
  • Developing a strategy for engaging disease focus area opinion leaders in Lilly’s marketing initiatives
Marketing Lilly

Employee Profile: Marketing

First introduced to Lilly's culture and opportunities through a ten week internship program, marketing associate Anna Begley knew she wanted to come back and work with the people who helped her develop as a marketer.

Meet Lilly's Early Career Professional Meet Lilly's Early Career Professional