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MBA opportunities

Lilly’s MBA opportunities are designed to transform MBA graduates into future leaders. In addition to taking on challenging role assignments within a given function, MBAs have the distinct advantage of joining the Lilly Leadership Development Program, allowing for professional development, social opportunities, overseas assignments, and access to senior leaders. Explore career opportunities by selecting your area of interest below.

MBA careers at Eli Lilly and Company

Accelerated Management Program

The Accelerated Management Program targets MBAs who want to become corporate business leaders at a global Fortune 125 company. Through our unique 12-week internship, we offer the opportunity to fast track your career to senior management. This highly competitive program aims to solve real business challenges and is a launching point for VP-level leadership roles determined by performance-based growth. Interns are given projects that support critical business decisions within cross-functional business development teams.

Successful management professionals at Lilly are leaders who drive business decisions that make life better for people around the world. Interns can work in a variety of functions matched with their skills, interests, and experience including but not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Market Access, Strategy and Analytics
  • Strategy and Development

With a number of potentially life-changing molecules in the robust development pipeline, top talent with a pioneering mindset, management expertise and business acumen is essential to providing leadership for Lilly, allowing us to serve the patients who need our medicines the most. Participants in this program should have 5-7 years of work experience and have experience leading a team.

Accelerated R&D Leadership Program

The Accelerated R&D Leadership Program targets physician- and scientist-MBAs who want to become leaders at the intersection of business and science in a global Fortune 125 company. Successful R&D leaders at Lilly drive decisions that make life better for people around the world.

Program Overview

As a participant in this unique program, you’ll work across functions to make meaningful strategic and innovative contributions, while building strong connections throughout Lilly. We’ll invest in your development in both the pharmaceutical industry and in leading others by leveraging your skills and expertise to prepare you for enterprise-wide influence. Program elements include:

  • 12 week internship (for full-time MBAs between first and second year)
  • Upon full-time employment, entry into the 24-month rotational development program
  • Projects spanning the R&D value chain, from drug discovery to commercialization, tailored to your skills and interests, including, but not limited to:
    • Business Development
    • Clinical Trial Design, Delivery, and Analytics
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Decision Sciences
    • Global Regulatory Affairs
    • New Product Planning
    • Portfolio Strategy
  • Mentoring and senior leader sponsors
  • Peer coach
  • Opportunities for advanced training and certification

Participants in this program should be...

  • Highly motivated and driven physician (MD) or scientist (PhD) leaders with a passion for the combining the science of medicine with business strategy
  • Inspired to expand their ability to make a difference in someone else’s life
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers
  • Demonstrated leaders
  • Agile learners with the ability to create and implement new ideas

Finance Leadership Development Program

The Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) targets MBAs who want to become corporate finance leaders at a global Fortune 125 company. Through our 12-week internship, interns are given projects that solve real business problems with an opportunity to interact across a wide variety of business functions. Post-internship, candidates are given broad experiences, coaching and formal training to prepare them to be leaders in the organization.

Program Overview

  • 12 week internship
  • Upon full-time employment, entry into the 36-month program
  • 1-2 rotations across FP&A, M&A, Treasury, or Audit.
  • International experience
  • Sr. leadership mentor
  • Access to Sr. Leaders
  • Finance and leadership development training

Candidate Criteria

  • 3 to 5 years of work experience prior to business school
  • Deep expertise in business fundamentals
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strong analytic capability
  • Demonstrated teamwork
Finance Carees at Lilly

Employee Profile: Finance MBA

Lilly financial consultant Alex Wolfe knew he wanted to work with numbers, but he also discovered the unique opportunity to make short- and long-term strategic recommendations based on those numbers.

Human Resources

HR MBAs are critical to the success of our business. They play a vital role in the future of the company through their impact on enabling individuals and teams that make the next big drug discoveries. Our MBA HR internships provide interns an opportunity to partner with business leaders to develop appropriate HR strategy, ranging from workforce planning, to capability development and talent management.

Successful HR professionals at Lilly are leaders who empower all employees to make lives better for people around the world in areas such as:

  • Recruiting
  • Strategic Business Partnership
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Relations

With a robust drug portfolio and multiple molecules in the development pipeline, Lilly needs HR MBA leaders who are able to build capabilities and engage a global workforce.

Human Resources Lilly

Employee Profile: Human Resources MBA

What gets Lilly Human Resources data management team manager Joe Owen excited about his job is the opportunity to work globally with different cultures.

Market Access, Strategy And Analytics

This program targets MBAs with a blended background or skill set in finance, analytics, business, and/or marketing, who desire to become corporate business leaders at a global Fortune 125 company. The Market Access, Strategy, and Analytics team plays a vital role in the commercial success of Lilly drugs, while helping to make these potentially life-changing molecules readily accessible to patients around the world.

Through our 12-week internship, interns are given projects that solve real business problems, with a focus on developing strategies and messages that resonate with “payer” entities such as insurance companies, pharmacies and government bodies who pay for or restrict access to medications for patients and educating payers on the value of Lilly products.

Responsibilities for internships within this program can include but are not limited to:

  • Partnering with various brand teams to identify strategies for engaging specific patient populations
  • Analyzing how Lilly brands can work better with insurance companies or government entities to improve the customer experience
  • Owning brand oversight for current and future program/service offerings which has aspects on internal and external partnering

With multiple potentially life-changing drugs in the development pipeline, and today’s rapidly changing healthcare system, more importance than ever is being placed on “payer” entities as decision-makers in providing accessible drugs to patients. Lilly needs top talent who can successfully communicate the value of Lilly drugs to these entities so products can be readily delivered to those who need them most.


The Lilly Marketing internship program targets MBAs with at least three years of marketing experience who desire to lead the organization in driving marketing business strategies and communicating the value of life-changing medications to a variety of customers in 120 countries.

Marketing MBA interns work to discover deep customer insights, and use those to drive decisions aimed at ensuring the right medications reach the right patients at the right time, potentially yielding life-changing results. Intern projects may require you to:

  • Work with different customer types such as consumers, health care providers, payer entities (i.e. Insurance companies, pharmacies, and government bodies)
  • Influence across different business units such as Biomedicines, Diabetes, Oncology, Emerging Markets, and Animal Health
  • Impact various stages in the drug lifecycle such as new product planning, pre-product launch, post-product launch, and long-standing products

As the health care landscape continues to change and as Lilly prepares to launch several new life-changing molecules, we need Marketing MBAs with the ability to drive fresh marketing initiatives across different customer groups, globally.

Marketing Lilly

Employee Profile: Marketing MBA

As a global market research consultant for Lilly, DeRoyce Simmons knows his insights will be impactful and influence key decisions.

Technology Management

The Lilly MBA Technology Management program targets tech leaders who have a passion for using technology to solve business challenges. A background in IT coding/development is not a requirement, but candidates must have at least 2-5 years of work experience in a variety of business functions.

MBA Technology Management professionals are valued strategic leaders across all functional areas at Lilly—from marketing and finance, to HR and manufacturing—solving real business problems and leading critical projects and large teams of people. As Lilly’s focus on technology innovation continues to grow, the company needs strong leaders who can drive change with technology. Internships within Technology Management can include but are not limited to:

  • Leading projects to improve user experience on various technology platforms
  • Ownership of initiatives to improve business process flow through the implementation of new technologies and/or improvement of existing systems that are critical at various stages of discovery, development, and production

This program merges technology and health care, providing participants the unique opportunity to be critical problem solvers and leaders in two of the most rapidly changing fields.

Technology Management Lilly

Employee Profile: Technology Management MBA

Mandy Su plays an important cross-functional role for Lilly as an IT consultant. She orchestrates the company's IT strategy by partnering with business partners to ensure their vision is realized.

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