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Distribution Manager/Specialist-温州

Distribution Manager/Specialist-温州

  • The Commercial manager / specialist supports the achievement of local business results through selecting and developing best distribution partners, managing daily operations, driving project execution and conducting bids and secondary negotiations
    结合公司战略,选择和发展最优的商业合作伙伴,做好经销商的日常维护管理,推动与经销商合作项目的执行,执行招投标和医院议价工作,支持当地业务持久稳定的发展Develop effective local channel strategy in consistent with company's overall distribution strategy. Work with supervisors to develop provincial distribution strategy and owning the business cases for each PD under management
  • Closely monitor key developments and changes in competitive landscape (e.g. distributors’ financial conditions, M&As, etc.) and propose changes to local channel strategy as needed. Be able to identify and anticipate risks
  • Day-to-day distributor management in terms of compliance, quality, order, inventory, A/R and sales data; ensure that distributors can meet KPIs. Regular visits to various departments of PDs and key SDs, including procurement, sales, finance, government affairs, etc.
  • Understand Lilly’s business locally, including business composition, needs, strategy and performance. Provide support to business in terms of goods supply, hospital negotiations, bidding and cooperation between Lilly's and distributor's sales teams. Participate in sales team monthly meetings
  • Work closely with bidding and pricing team to execute bidding and secondary negotiation. Participate in provincial PRA task force as needed
    与招标团队通力合作,执行招投标和二次议价。需要时参与当地的PRA task force
  • Periodically visit local officials, understand policies and government agenda; provide timely update of policies and their impact on business to team leader
  • Drive commercial project execution to meet the target
  • Bachelor degree is required 大学本科学历及以上
  • At least 2-3 years related working experience 至少2-3年工作经历
  • Strong analyzing skills 较强的数据分析能力
  • Good communication skills. Had experience managing customers 良好的沟通和人际交往能力;具有客户管理经验
  • Highly responsible and reliable. Have strong sense of compliance 有担当、负责任,有很强的合规意识
  • Familiar with pharma policies and biddings is a plus有一定药品政策水平,对药品集采、平台操作和招标有经验者优先考虑
  • Familiar with local market is a plus 对本地市场熟悉的优先
  • Actively seeks to improve oneself 学习能力强,积极向上