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Regional Marketing Assistant

Regional Marketing Assistant

Key Responsibilities

Marketing Department regular meeting support and travel arrangement
Business analysis
1. Support Marketing Department's annual business plan and product strategy formulation.
2. Comprehensive analysis of internal and external data (IMS/CPA/ internal sales data).
3. Analyze internal sales data (performance /FTE)
4. Participate in market research projects and results reanalysis.
5.Support team on regular administration
Marketing Activities and project support.
1. Apply for approval of the internal process of the activity.
2. Connect with the sales department and collect information.
3. Assisted the brand manager and the advertising company and the travel or other agency to make sure the activities was ready for normal operation.
OPEX Management
Assist the management to track the market expenses, follow up the market expenses every month, assist the brand manager to manage the market expenses, and ensure the expenses are used as planned
Update, production and management of marketing materials.
Daily affairs of other Marketing Department.

1) 大学本科学历及以上
2) 1年及以上EA或相关经验
3) 卓越的跨部门合作沟通及影响力
5) 学习能力强,积极向上,有一定策略性思维