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Technical Research Manager

Technical Research Manager
Lilly China has served our internal and external customers well with strategic technical solutions such as WeChat iDoctor, LCCP, and Data analysis and report (RAPID and Smart Sales Tool) so far.

However, China environment is changing rapidly. Every day new technologies and solutions are coming out to market and customer needs are becoming dynamic and much personalized. For example, Artificial Intelligence, Big data analysis, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Block Chain, Cloud Computing etc. which we believe those keep re-shaping a pharmaceutical industry digital foundation from interaction with customers, transaction management, advanced analytics (Predictive and Decision) to even end user training and keep forcing us to change ours. The need for having and establishing a scalable digital platform is a key agenda to all companies and Lilly China has no exception to be a winner among many competitors.

In addition, all our digital solutions must be compliant with local regulations or should be able to remediate if needed and manage risks. China is well known with restriction and control like Great Firewall, Cyber security law. Therefore, Lilly China should be able to anticipate a potential impact and risk associated with laws, and execute necessary actions to minimize business disruption.
  1. Technical researcher for Lilly China

Lilly China has emphasized and put an effort on delivering a positive customer experience externally and on improving productivity & compliance internally, therefore to learn technical trends , to anticipate future digital market eco-system , and to develop a strategic technical roadmap are critical to Lilly China business.

As a researcher, the deliverables of this position will include:
  1. Evaluate and research a new technology and benchmark an industry trend for digital eco-system.
  2. Identify a business opportunity and get an alignment with related parties (Business engagement , Architecture and Security) and sponsors on implementing a new concept or a new solution
  3. Actively participate in China Solution Evaluation Council (SEC) and Change Control Board (CCB) and provide a valuable insight in architectural perspective.
  4. Continue to explore and share market trends and POV candidates with China IT and business partners
  5. Work for developing Lilly China digital strategy and roadmap

2. Project Lead of China POV (Proof of Value) of a new concept and a new technology

It may be risky that a new concept, technology, or solution is applied to external facing applications without appropriate evaluation. It needs a verification process from testing of technical feasibilities to evaluation of business values before adopting it.

As a project Lead, the deliverables of this position will include:
  1. Develop a POV plan and present it to cross-functional teams (China IT GO meeting, BU IT Architecture Forum) to get their supports
  2. Develop a success criteria and measurement matrix to evaluate if POV is successful or not
  3. Document all lessons learned from POV for the future reference.
  4. Provide a knowledge transfer to the solution delivery when POV moves to a project stage and support a problem-solving if needed
  5. Drive an innovative agenda within China IT

3. Analyst of Compliance and legal risks & impact to Lilly

All digital solutions must meet both Lilly policies & standards and China local regulations. China IT should be equipped with knowledge of a local regulation and should be able to understand its impact to China digital platform and business. For example, Cyber security law, Privacy law, Great firewall policy etc.

As an analyst, the deliverables of this position will include:
  1. Have a full understanding of regulations & Lilly policies, which may affect China ecosystem and digital solution. Continue to provide the up-to-date information and a potential impact or risk with China IT
  2. Actively participate in impact analysis and support a remediation effort (Detail planning & execution)
  3. Document all relevant information for the future reference

4. Liaison of projects and tasks between China and relevant teams
Architecture design requires a lot of coordination, discussion and cooperation with cross-functional teams like Enterprise Architecture Group, Infrastructure group , Info Security, and BU IT Architecture forum.

As a liaison, the deliverables of this position will include:
  1. Have a full understanding of China key projects and tasks that may try with a new technology and concept, or have critical architecture components and risks.
  2. Communicate and update a status or a concern of key projects/tasks with necessary teams on time with impact.
  3. Develop a technical training material and plan for knowledge transfer to local team

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology /OR, at least 2+ year work experience in technical areas.
  2. Prior experience with external customer facing solutions
  3. Experience with working with business partners or vendors.
  4. Qualified candidates must have no issue in working in China and travel overseas

  1. Broad and deep technology learning agility
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills. English speaking is a must
  3. Work experience in a multi-national company (Preferred)

  1. Excellent self-management skills
  2. Ability to influence peers