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Legal Intern

Legal Intern
Brief Description of Assignment
• Legal research and analysis
• Translation
• Summarize and communicate risks, legal concepts, company policies, and procedures
• Monitor regulations and new legal requirements
• Support the continuous improvement of standard agreements and legal processes
• Administrative support when necessary
• Other work assistance within the team for on-the-job training
• Current graduate school student majoring in law (master degree or above)
• Strong drive to learn the legal and communication skills
• Availability to stay for a period of at least 3 to 6 months
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese
• Outstanding interpersonal skills

What you can get from this internship
During the internship, you will work in-house with Lilly China’s legal department and work on several different areas, including contract drafting, legal analysis on various topics, such as litigation, regulatory, corporate, FDI. You will have a mentor for orientation on how to conduct legal analysis and drafting, and receive a variety of assignments from senior lawyers that will provide you with the skills needed to build your legal resume as you step forward along your career path. The internship with Lilly China will introduce you to Lilly China’s legal culture and environment and increase your ability in handing complex tasks/projects. While contributing your research, writing, and analytical skills in support of Lilli China legal team, you will gain exposure to a variety of legal matters.