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C&B Intern

C&B Intern

1.Responsible for C&B monthly reports preparation such as employees data for insurance, medical check-up, holiday benefits.

2.Responsible for drafting C&B program promotional materials such as WeChat article, email, poster, etc.

3.Assist to organize benefits lecture and communication campaign activities including invitation preparation, logistic and on-site support

4.Participant in benefits system testing such as flexible benefits platform testing

5.Assist to prepare C&B documents per request.


Job qualifications:

1. Be detail-oriented, careful and responsive, strong sense of responsibility is a must.

2. Adequate and sustainable time for internship, at least 3 days a week lasting for at least 6 months.

3. Willing to generate innovated ideas and good at writing would be plus.

4. On-board soon could be plus

5. 时间充裕的大三大四研一生,或保研出国党(本岗位无留用机会)