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Sr. Central Market Access Manager

Sr. Central Market Access Manager
Key Roles and Responsibilities主要职责职能:
  • On behalf of the company, to maintain good communication and relationship with central level authorities, to get feedback of national reimbursement access policy to company
  • Understand the timing, proposal, criteria and process of NRDL and related policy, analysis and develop the products proposition, ensure reimbursement for all key products
  • Cooperate regional access work, to support new products successful launch in China
  • Build up high-level platform, to seek strategic program for building positive company image.
  • 代表公司的利益,与相关政府官员保持顺畅的沟通,维护良好的关系,及时向公司反馈国家医保准入等相关政策及信息;
  • 掌握国家医保准入政策制定的时机、方案、规则和流程,明确和分析公司相关产品的定位,确保公司所有关键产品列入国家医保目录
  • 配合区域市场准入团队的工作,支持公司新产品的上市准入
  • 搭建高层对话平台,与相关部门建立长期的战略伙伴关系,进一步优化与政府合作的政策研究平台
Detail Description主要工作描述:
  • Priority Task重点工作:
    • Keep follow up the related policy up to date with central level, understand the policy making background and process持续关注国家层面医保相关政策的最新动态,理解政策制定的背景流程
    • First time interpretation an analysis of released policies, as the same time to predict future trends with currently policy environment 政策发布后并要求及时解读和分析,同时结合当前的政策环境预判未来的政策趋势
  • Secure reimbursement for all key products by driving cross-functional NRDL activities and ensure no existing products get downgraded in new NRDL
  • 通过跨部门的合作完成NRDL计划,确保公司所有关键产品列入国家医保目录,同时确保新目录中没有产品的报销水平降低
  • Make effort to list company products into NRDL by actively driving cross-functional product specific lobbying activities and working together with cross function teams to cover all related stakeholders according to NRDL plan
  • 制定有效的执行NRDL策略以及活动计划,与跨部门通力合作覆盖所有的关键客户,竭尽全力将公司产品准入到国家医保目录中
  • Assist develop products proposition to deliver value message to stakeholders
  • 协助制定产品的定位,向政府官员传递有价值的关键信息
  • Seek strategic program with government for long term policy reserve 寻找和搭建优质的政策研究平台,为推动相关政策出台做前期的研究储备

  • Coordinate cross function team activities跨部门沟通协调工作:
    • Engage KA, Access and other supporting function to understand our strategy and action plan确保区域市场准入、大客户团队和其他部门理解中央市场准入的国家医保准入策略和工作计划
    • Organize the cross function to discuss and get feedback to company management组织相关人员及时沟通、汇报、分析、反馈相关的政策,为公司领导层决策提供参考依据
    • Assist implementation of reimbursement strategy and plan, ensure all products payment in reasonable range 协助执行医保支付策略的计划,确保公司产品在合理的支付范围内

  • 客户管理
    • Build up good communication channel with china think-tank and related authorities搭建公司高层与中国的智库以及相关的政府部门的沟通平台
    • Keep updating key stakeholders mapping, identify who is the key stakeholder and influencer by different policy.定期更新政府机构及相关部门的组织架构,并确定不同政策相关的决策者和影响者
    • Regular deliver the key message to officials, and provide high value suggestion to government 定期向政府官员传递有价值的关键信息,提供相关的政策建议