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For 140 years, Lilly has maintained a commitment to be a responsible global citizen—in large part through a long history of volunteerism and philanthropic contributions. Our employees devote time, resources, and expertise to advancing health and improving lives.

As a company, we actively encourage our employees to volunteer and give; we develop programs that help them serve their communities at home and abroad. We view this as an important investment in our global commitment to make life better. We feel that this investment more deeply connects us with the people we serve and helps spark new ideas about how we can make life better.

Two of the many opportunities to engage with our communities are:

Connecting Hearts Abroad, which launched in 2011. Since then, more than 600 of our employees have served as Connecting Hearts Abroad ambassadors, volunteering for two weeks of paid leave in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. The Lilly volunteers are providing hands-on support in four categories: health care, caregiving for children and the elderly, teaching, and community development. Our colleagues who participate in the signature program return home as better employees and stronger leaders. Many of the participants describe their experiences as "life changing."

Lilly Global Day of Service, which began in 2008. Since then, every October, our employees spanning nearly 60 countries participate in building on our strong heritage of making life better. Lilly employees join together in a single, coordinated effort to improve the neighborhoods and communities where they work and live.

Since its inception, Lilly employees have contributed 725,000 volunteer hours to different projects, making our Global Day of Service one of the largest single-day volunteer programs in the world.