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Whether your passion is science, technology, engineering, or manufacturing, Lilly offers a variety of exciting opportunities within the STEM fields. Explore career opportunities by selecting your area of interest below.

STEM careers at Eli Lilly and Company

Data Sciences and Solutions

As a Data Sciences and Solutions recruit, you will be part of the driving force to speed up the process of getting molecules into the clinical trial phase and commercially available to patients. You will use clinical trial data to analyze the safety and effectiveness of new medicines. With multiple molecules in Lilly’s development pipeline, Data Sciences and Solutions recruits play a vital role in getting a molecule approved and into the hands of patients who need it most.

Interns are assigned projects that:

  • Solve real business needs
  • Build a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Help create clinical trial processes for Lilly

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly, with many interns receiving full-time offers. As a full-time hire, you will begin as a clinical data associate, responsible for all data aspects at the study trial level. You will lead an extended data team to ensure delivery of quality and on-time observed data for critical study/compound decisions.

Data Sciences and Solutions Lilly

Employee Profile: Data Sciences and Solutions

Sara Bigelow finds her role at Lilly as clinical data associate allows her to work directly in the clinical trial space, making life better for patients.


As a member of the Lilly engineering team, you’ll be an essential part of the high-quality production of life-changing medicines and devices for patients.

Engineering interns will provide support for Lilly manufacturing, offering them opportunities to apply and further develop their technical skills. Supervisors and mentors will be eager and willing to support the success of our interns. .

Past intern projects have included:

  • Creating a manufacturing process model in SuperPro Designer Modeling software
  • Designing solutions for key large-scale manufacturing processes
  • Analyzing site-wide equipment reliability issues and developing sustainable strategies for solving these issues
  • Exploring new equipment technologies and developing feasibility analyses for implementation of the technologies

As a Lilly intern, you’ll be on the front lines of our life-changing work, and you’ll receive direct opportunities for a full-time career with us. You’ll join a valued team that contributes to developing new therapies and manufacturing our existing medications through frontline problem solving, productivity improvements, capital project management and more.

Join our team as we discover and bring life-changing medicines and medical devices to our patients, and contribute to the health of our global communities.

Engineering Lilly

Employee Profile: Engineering

Process engineer Supriya Hobbs knew she wanted to work at Lilly when she saw Lilly's deep commitment to do what's best for patients. She has come to value the ownership of her projects from day one and the respect her knowledge is given.

Manufacturing and Quality Science

As a Manufacturing and Quality Science hire, your role will be essential in ensuring the high-quality production of life-changing medicines and devices for patients. Interns will be assigned a project that allows them to contribute to the Tech Services Manufacturing Sciences (TSMS) or Quality organizations, building a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, and the role scientists play in creating solutions for Lilly. Through this program, interns will be exposed to the technology, science, and regulatory requirements for making commercialized life-saving medicine in therapeutic areas such as diabetes, oncology, and endocrinology.

Intern projects are designed to:

  • Provide a practical real-life solution to a manufacturing business related technical project
  • Actively run a technical improvement agenda to drive process improvement
  • Monitor and appropriately react to established statistically-based metrics in real-time to assess process variability and capability
  • Work within cross-functional teams to implement TSMS or Quality objectives and deliver on business plan and quality objectives

Internships are the primary entry point into a career at Lilly, with many interns receiving full-time offers. As a new hire, you will begin a career dedicated to ensuring the high-quality production, optimization, and safety of medicines and devices available to patients around the world.

Employee Profile: MQ Science Lilly

Employee Profile: MQ Science

Quality control chemist Tyler Cochrane loves to apply the scientific principles he learned in college to solve problems at work. His move to Indianapolis was, on the other hand, problem-free, as Lilly helped Tyler every step of the way through his transition.

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